[Super Nintendo] Demon's Crest

Demon's Crest
Full nameDemon's Crest
File size1.3MB
Region Europe Europe
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Demon’s Crest is an adventure game, which was available by Capcom in 1995.

Fantasy background

The game takes place in a fantasy world where humans and monsters live in the territory. There are many crowns and six magic stones on this land. Each floor a different power as fire, earth, water, air, time, and space. Infinity badges, an item that will appear to destroy when these stones combine. The battle between monsters in the demon kingdom happens continuously to search for magic stones.

Firebrand, a red demon that collects five stones, is preparing for a battle to steal the last. Firebrand wins the match and walks out of the ghost cave. However, he is exhausted, and the stones disappear from Phalanx. The stone which contains the fire’s power broke into five pieces. Ass a result, it makes Phalanx unable to combine. Firebrand wakes up and begins his journey to retrieve the lost stones and collect all five pieces.


Players will control Firebrand to move to many caves to search for magic stones. He can run on the ground, fly into the air, and move on the wall using his claws. Firebrand attacks the enemy by dropping flames from within his body on the target. He receives bonus points after defeating the enemy. Six stages to take place in the cave. In the first stage, Firebrand has to overcome many obstacles and enemies such as cannibal flowers and monsters. They throw big axes when they discover Firebrand’s intrusion. He confronts a demon that can change shape at the end of this period. During transformations, it will be immune to fireballs’ fire damage. Using the right skills will help him defeat the demon and collect the first stone.

Owning a stone makes his strength increase, he continues to the next caves to take down four monsters that store energy stones. Five fragments are at Phalanx’s hiding place. Phalanx appears as a three-headed monster with strong magical power. Firebrand and Phalanx fight a long war in the air. Mission completes when Firebrand collects six stones and con them into Infinity Badge.

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