[Super Nintendo] Dennis The Menace

Dennis The Menace
Full nameDennis The Menace
File size677.9KB
Region USA USA
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Dennis the Menace is an action game by Ocean Software. With beautiful graphics and unique gameplay, the game has received many positive reviews from many players in the world.

The Story

The game revolves around Dennis Mitchell’s journey with rescuing his friends Joey and Margaret. They were kidnapped in a city while being playing with Mitchell. In his journey, he discovered Wilson’s Switchblade Sam money case. After the investigation, clues gradually revealed when the thieves kidnapped Mitchell’s friends. He began to find the criminal group.

The gameplay

The player has to control Mitchell through the four stages to complete his mission. Wilson provides information about the group before he begins his journey. In each stage, Mitchell’s goal is to collect a coin from the enemy. He starts in a secret house in the city at the first stage. Mitchell has an arrow and shotgun to kill enemies. They are cats and dogs. He dies if he collides with them many times or is attacked. Some items that Mitchell collects, are coins and candy. He has to search Wilson’s lost pocket in the building for a limited time. The host will wake up and throw Mitchell out of the house. It means that he has to restart the stage if he doesn’t accomplish the goal.

Mitchell finds a secret passage to the house’s basement. This area contains many dangers and enemies. The game will drop Bats around to protect secret boxes. By moving flexibly, he quickly goes to different levels and looks for clues. Mitchell finds pieces of a map in wooden boxes in the rooms. When he collects all 6 fragments, the treasure map appears. Mitchell uses it and continues the journey. The biggest challenge is the pitfalls on the way. He has to watch carefully before entering dangerous areas. Mitchell fulfills his mission by finding Wilson’s lost money and successfully rescuing his two friends. They return home safely and receive a bonus from Wilson.

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