[Super Nintendo] Digital Devil Story (V1.1)

Digital Devil Story (V1.1)
Full nameDigital Devil Story (V1.1)
File size663.6KB
Region Japan Japan
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Digital Devil Story: Megami Tensei was available on SNES on March 31, 1995 in Japan. The game has role-playing elements and brings single-player missions. The content revolves around two characters, Yumiko Shirasagi and Akemi Nakajima in the journey to fight the demon Lucifer to close a magic door (connecting the human world and hell).


The demons began to invade the world when Nakajima summoned. Nakajima is a gentle student at high school who is bullied by his classmates. Besides, he is the Izanagi’s embodiment (a Japan’s god) so he can use magic power. However, he summons demons (from the land of Makai – Demon Kingdom) to punish the enemies who mistreat him. But they quickly oppose Nakajima and escape from Makai. Their new leader is Lucifer, and he quickly revives two other hell gods, Set and Loki.

After the demons’ rebellion, the male protagonist gets the help of a new female student, Yumiko Shirasagi (transferred to Nakajima’s high school). This girl is interested in Nakajima, and she is the goddess Izanami’s embodiment (the god Izanagi’s wife). They go into a large underground maze to arrive at the magic gate which connects to Makai. From there, they will battle the demons and defeat their leader (Loki, Lucifer and Set) to close the gate.

About the gameplay

Players will participate in fighting the devil from the first perspective and control the main characters to conquer the dungeon. Like other role-playing challenges, each will own a power statistics table with indicators as Luck, Intelligence, Dexterity, Strength, and Attack. To upgrade the indicators, the character has to level up and reach new levels after accumulating enough experience points (from destroying monsters). When you reach one level, you will receive a score to add to the 5 indicators. You have to accumulate and upgrade the character to get the most of each character’s power. The main weapons include swords and guns, battles will take place in turn, and players have to use attack techniques to reasonably defeat the enemy. Besides, players can collect and use many different support items. You will receive them from monsters (dropped after they disappear) or pick up from treasure chests in the dungeon. Besides, Digital Devil Story: Megami Tensei also allows players to recruit demons into their group (up to 7 demons).

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