[Super Nintendo] Dinosaurs – Dino City

Dinosaurs – Dino City
Full nameDinosaurs - Dino City
File size417.0KB
Region Europe Europe
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Based on Adventures in Dinosaur City (characters and plot), DinoCity will bring unique challenges for players in the prehistoric world. Like the movie, the game takes place with the journey to find the two characters’ house, Jamie and Timmy. They come to a strange world that is similar to prehistoric Earth. The dinosaurs are that control this world and have their own culture (like humans from costumes to building the cities). To return home, Jamie and Timmy have to activate a special device (similar to the time travel machine) but one of the important parts is stolen. Mr. Big, the Rockeys’ leader (Neanderthals) steals the device, and the characters will have to go to the Rockeys’ base to collect. On this journey, they receive the dinosaur’s help, Rex – Tyrannosaurus, and Top – Protoceratops.

In the game, you can choose Jamie and Timmy to join the challenge. In which, Timmy will move with Rex, and Jamie will collaborate with Top. Also, 2 support dinosaurs have their skills for players to use. To destroy enemies (Neanderthals, male and female members), Top will use darts and throw them at enemies. And Rex uses melee skills such as punching or using his tail to knock down opponents. There are six main levels and a special level to complete. Each will bring different environments to explore. Also, the level brings bosses to defeat. Besides, each stage has a certain time to perform challenges. Note, some bonus stages (opened by entering the door on the ground) will take place with Timmy or Jamie’s control, and Top and Rex will stand. To collection the special equipment for the machine, you will have lives and three heart points to perform the task. When you collide with an enemy, you will lose one heart. If you are lost three hearts, you will remove one life. However, DinoCity allows players to collect hearts to restore the health or accumulate fifty dinosaur eggs to gain one life. Hearts will be on the way to collect, while dinosaur eggs will fall from enemies (after you defeat them) or collect from the extra challenge stages.

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