[Super Nintendo] Dirt Racer

Dirt Racer
Full nameDirt Racer
File size272.1KB
Region Europe Europe
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

In Dirt Racer, you will experience off-road driving challenges, the game will offer three different car models to use. They include a large-sized truck, an offroad vehicle with standard configuration and a compact car similar to a Formula 1 race car (F1). Each will have a unique specification but they require to have clever operations to complete.

The races are in various regions in the world. You will begin missions at racing courses in the UK. Completing them, you can unlock two new areas to compete as a race track in Alaska and Australia. Each has five tracks, and it will have different contexts and complex terrain to challenge your control. The track also offers two categories as Puzzle and Stunt. In which, Stunt has basic racing tracks with rough terrain. Players have to control the movement speed to complete in the shortest time. Puzzle has a similar design to Stunt, but it has question marks that the player has to collect in a certain sequence.

In the match, you have to complete many different races, and the game brings one vs one matches to complete. However, it does not prepare mini maps for driving observation. Instead, the screen will display signs which guide the player to move. Traveling on a complex terrain is very difficult, players have to have quick reflexes to change speed and ensure that the vehicle does not overturn while moving. Inaccurate controls and slow reflexes will cause the car to explode on the track. Another feature is that incidents on the track will be limited. Depending on the mode and the number of laps to complete in the match, the number of times will vary. Each will lose one problem (shown at the bottom of the screen). When you use up the maximum number of times without finishing the race, you will have to play again.

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