[Super Nintendo] Donald Duck Mahou No Boushi

Donald Duck Mahou No Boushi
Full nameDonald Duck Mahou No Boushi
File size1.0MB
Region Japan Japan
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Donald Duck no Mahō no Bōshi is an adventure game from Nintendo developer in 1995. The game revolves around Donald’s journey, in which his mission is making money to buy gifts for Daisy, his girlfriend. He went through many different jobs to collect enough money. However, when he returned, Donald discovered that the hat was sold out as well as he was taken to a clock tower by the old man. He would give the hat to Donald if he won the missions. During a conversation with him, Donald realized that he was the leader of an organization controlled by the king of darkness. To receive the gift from him, Donald travelled to many areas to find the talisman for undoing the seal on him. Finally, he moved to the last area with the appearance of the Dark Demon King.

In the game, the task of the player is to control Donald in his journey. He has to go through many stages, which is more and more difficult. Donald owns the equipment of a patrolling soldier and flexible movement skills. He was taken to the large house during the first phase of the game. The house is guarded by a fastidious tycoon. Donald moved gently to infiltrate the house and look for the hat. His actions take place within the allotted time. If Donald cannot find any clues during this time, the boss will wake up and kick him out of the house.

Donald was given many missions from an old man to get his hat back. He must move through the buildings to find Pippi, a bird kidnapped by Pete in the next phase. In this house, Donald will face many dangers such as falling vases and thieves’ pursuit. His health is displayed on the screen. Donald will lose health when fighting against enemies. If he was attacked more than four times into his body, he would die and have to start the stage again. Besides, he will accomplish the mission when he found Pippi in a small room at the end of the street.

After completing all the tasks from the old man, Donald went to the last area to fight the dark demon king. In this battle, the old man will support Donald by shrinking his body and lying on his hat. To ensure safety for him and the old man, Donald must react quickly to the pitfalls set in the demon castle. He meets the demon king and other the four monsters in the secret room. With his power, Donald tries to dodge attacks from enemies. When he destroys the enemies, he can collect hat. The game ends when Donald receives the hat from the old man and come back the city.

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