[Super Nintendo] Donald Duck – Maui Mallard In Cold Shadow

Donald Duck – Maui Mallard In Cold Shadow
Full nameDonald Duck - Maui Mallard In Cold Shadow
File size1.9MB
Region Japan Japan
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Maui Mallard in Cold Shadow is an adventure game by Disney Interactive Studios. It was released in 1995. The story begins on a small island with the Shabuhm Shabuhm’s protection. The island became unstable when knowing that the evil sorcerer kidnapped Shabuhm. Investigation mysterious disappearance began to take place. Maui, a hero in the city, began his journey to the abandoned houses with many dangers. He went to a place to train ninjas and received special magic from an old martial artist. Maui was taken to a coastal village to search for clues. After a period of investigation, he learned that the enemy had killed Shabuhm to steal the treasure and threw his body into the sea. After that, Maui took on the dangerous journey to complete her mission.

The game revolves around the Maui Mallard’s expedition, a detective duck. He has ninja clothes and an insect gun. Maui learns many ninja skills such as high jump and balance on vines. He has to pass many levels to conquer different goals. In the first stage, Maui crosses a forest with many enemies. He is prevented by spiders, birds and monkeys. Maui uses the vines in the forest to avoid the enemy attack. He collects diamonds and many bonuses. The stage ends when he collects enough diamonds as required. Maui passes the diamonds on to a villager and has a clue as to where Shabuhm’s body is stored. He continues to the dark caves. The biggest difficulty is the limited observation scope. Maui moves carefully so as not to collide with obstacles and enemies. At the end of the cave, Maui has to fight a giant spider monster. The next stage takes place at a secret cave’s passage. Maui has to rescue 8 captured ducks to accomplish the mission.

After many dangerous journeys, he comes to the final stage with the appearance, a witch at the Mojo fortress. A fierce battle ensues between the witch and Maui. He uses all his strength at the ninja school to fight. The battle ends with victory for Maui. He is honored by the coastal and gives many bonuses. Shabuhm’s body is found at the bottom of the sea and brings back to the island by Maui.

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