[Super Nintendo] Doomsday Warrior

Doomsday Warrior
Full nameDoomsday Warrior
File size763.6KB
Genre Action
Region USA USA
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

With fighting elements, Doomsday Warrior has many different fighting characters to explore. The game’s content revolves around the fight within the Doom Squad’s internal, a warriors group is controlled by Main (the antagonist). In the game, you will become a member of the Doom Squad and betray this organization to fight for humanity (against the Main’s brutal domination). You have to explore 10 different characters and use 7 characters to experience. They are Doom Squad, including Nuform, Amon, Daisy, Grimrock, Sledge, P. Lump and Layban. The remaining others include Main (the detachment’s commander) and her two bodyguards (Shadow and Ashura).

About the game modes

Doomsday Warrior brings 3 game modes as Normal Game, Easy Game and VS Game. Normal Game and Easy Game are 2 modes that bring competition with the CPU (different from competition level). Easy Game brings the basic battle to get acquainted with the control system and the character. Normal Game brings more complex battles (the CPU has better reflexes and thinking than the Easy Game’s CPU). From there, it provides intense battles, and the player has to get many clever moves to defeat. In these 2 modes, you have to choose 1 of 7 basic characters to use. After that, the game will prepare 9 matches for players to explore. In which, the first six matches will be the confrontation with the Doom Squad’s member. Defeating the old teammates, you will have to fight 2 of Main’s guards before facing her at the final battle to complete.

Fight the boss

After winning a match in the part playing with the CPU, players will receive bonus points to upgrade properties in use. They include Arm Power, Leg Power, Def Power, Vital Power, and Soul Power. Each will bring better physical and mental strength to the character, helping the character gain better fighting skills to face the bosses (those who possess magical skills). In addition, an attribute is added up to a maximum of 7 points, and they have to upgrade in a planned manner to maximize the character’s power.

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