[Super Nintendo] Double Dragon V – The Shadow Falls

Double Dragon V – The Shadow Falls
Full nameDouble Dragon V - The Shadow Falls
File size1.2MB
Region Europe Europe
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Instead of fighting in stages and different bosses, Double Dragon V: The Shadow Falls is a classic fighting challenge (similar to Street Fighter). The matches take place in the form of 1 vs 1. Besides, each will have a certain time to play. A match has three different rounds, and you have to defeat the enemy in two rounds to win the whole match. An interesting feature is that each character has a unique weapon to use in the competition. There are 12 characters, and you can use 10 (including two main and eight Shadow Warriors’ members). The main characters are two bosses (Shadow Master and Dominique) to defeat. Besides, each has different skills to fight and to kill opponents (also known as Overkills). You will enjoy Overkills after winning at the end of each match.

Double Dragon V: The Shadow Falls has three game modes, including Vs Battle, Tournament and Quest Mode. In which, Vs Battle is a fighting mode between two players. Tournament and Quest Mode will bring battles with the CPU, but their gameplay is different. Firstly, Tournament allows you to choose 1 of 10 characters to use. After that, it brings many private matches, and your task is to defeat all enemies to win. For Quest Mode, players will participate in the experience according to the story system. You can choose either Jimmy or Billy to defeat the Shadow Master, blocking his plan to spread the disease worldwide. Or you control 1 of 8 Shadow Warriors’ members to challenge the boss and become the new leader. From there, you will put an end to the Shadow Master’s plan. Also, this game allows you to edit the character’s properties to get better fighting ability. There are three properties to edit, including Special, Strength and Defense.

Besides, the game has also two unique folders, Dossiers, and Options. With Dossiers, you will test on each character’s personal information such as date of birth, eye color, hairstyle, hobbies, fighting style, and some others. About the Options folder, it allows you to edit the battle level to get the battle that suits your skills.

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