[Super Nintendo] Dragon Ball Z – Hyper Dimension

Dragon Ball Z – Hyper Dimension
Full nameDragon Ball Z - Hyper Dimension
File size2.4MB
Genre Fighting
Region France France
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Dragon Ball Z: Hyper Dimension is an addictive fighting, and it is the final version of the Dragon Ball Z series on SNES platform. This game was available in the Japanese market on March 29, 1996. For the European region, it was released in February 1997. This version is on the events that takes place in the movie Dragon Ball Z (from Frieza Saga’s stage to Kid Buu Sag). However, the game does not depend entirely on the plot, but there are some certain changes. In some battles, the characters will be defeated by the enemy (as opposed to the events in the anime).

About Game modes

Dragon Ball Z: Hyper Dimension offers players two main game modes, Story Mode and VS Mode. Story Mode will bring fixed battles between different characters. However, the battles will not be exactly the same as the movie’s content. Because the game cannot provide a sufficient number of characters like in the movie. Instead, it only brings in a certain number of characters (the main characters and often appear on film). In VS Mode, players will enjoy battles against the computer or confront another player. Besides, the game also prepares 2 additional game modes as tournament and practice. In the tournament section, there will be a maximum of 8 characters to participate in the competition (you have to defeat the remaining 7 opponents to win the championship). Finally, the practice mode allows you to become familiar with each character’s battle combos.

Unlock new characters

The game allows you to select and control 10 different characters including Goku (in 2 states, Super Saiyan 2 and Super Saiyan 3), Perfect Cell, Super Vegito, Majin Buu, Majin Vegeta, Kid Buu, Gotenks, Frieza, Piccolo and Ultimate Gohan. Like many other fighting challenges, each will be shown health at the top of the screen. The interesting feature is that the character’s health status will display in two different forms, the vitality bar and the digital clock (from 1 to 999). During combat, the character’s life force drops below 80 (the life bar changes from yellow to the flashing state), the character can use special skills, Desperate Moves. They possess greater damage than the early stages. From there, it allows players to enjoy intense battles and find opportunities to defeat the enemies.

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