[Super Nintendo] Dragon Ball Z – Super Gokuu Den Kakusei Hen

Dragon Ball Z – Super Gokuu Den Kakusei Hen
Full nameDragon Ball Z - Super Gokuu Den Kakusei Hen
File size1.1MB
Genre Card Game , Simulation
Region Japan Japan
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Dragon Ball Z: Super Gokuden: Kakusei-Hen is the final version of Dragon Ball Z: Super Gokuden (series) on SNES. This game was officially available by Bandai in Japan on September 22, 1995. In the game, you will enjoy the role-playing challenge, and they are based on events which takes place in the comic book series of the same name. There are 2 characters, including Goku and Gohan. In addition, there will be 20 tycoons to fight and go forward.

The main challenge is a number of combat missions and answer questions. In combat missions, you can attack opponents with many unique skills (Ki Blast, Solar Flare, Kamehameha …). The character will blink before starting to attack, and Goku can transform into 1 Super Saiyan. The combat is relatively complex, and it requires players to have quick control operations. Because the characters possess different attack power and techniques, the player has to choose the right time to avoid enemy’s attacks. As for the puzzle challenge, the game will ask many different questions to answer in each different stage, and you have to answer exactly what happened in the comic. Completing a match or a puzzle, players will go to different areas of the Dragon Ball Z world. Each allows you to search and talk to new characters. You will get the combat quests and puzzles. Besides, your enemies also appear and change in stages. From there, you can also explore different battle scenes and environments.

Because of developing on the series, you have to explore the challenges in a certain sequence. Winning and communicating with other characters that fit the series will help you complete the quest to protect the world. However, the events will vary, depending on the player’s choice. Each in the battle process (Goku has to win but you lose the battle) or communication with a new character (not true to the created events) will bring new events. For example, Piccolo is killed by Kami or Frieza has achieved the immortality he desires.

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