[Super Nintendo] Dragon Knight 4

Dragon Knight 4
Full nameDragon Knight 4
File size2.3MB
Region Japan Japan
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Dragon Knight 4 is a strategy game in the Dragon Knight game series by ELF Corporation. After the battle between Yamato Takeru and witch Luna, the lives around the world became peaceful and flourished. However, Luna’s magical power was absorbed by the magician Lushifon before the body disintegrated. Owning great power, Lushifon rebuilt his empire to take revenge on mankind and plot to rule the world. Discovering that, Kakeru, Takeru’s son, took on a mission to go to Lushifon’s empire to destroy their base.

About the gameplay

In Dragon Knight 4, players will control Kakeru, the main character to overcome many difficulties and dangers to search for Lushifon’s hiding place. He travels to different areas with the royal army. Kakeru’s army are swordsmen, archers and witches. They are elite soldiers and pass certain challenges to start the fight. Firstly, each soldier is equipped with a set of armor and weapons. After a conversation with the princess, Kakeru takes his army to a base in the first stage. He turns to explore each base’s room to search for enemies. Kakeru receives base’s clues in several conversations. At the base, he is led by a thief to a desolate area, and the fight takes place. Kakeru makes three battles with the enemy and exploits the conspiracy. He gains many experience points after defeating enemies. The soldiers’s strength increases gradually with each level. The army has to fight the soldiers in the base right after the bandits are destroyed. To move to the next area, Kakeru has to kill enemies quickly. He will change the soldiers’s battle position to create fatal attacks. A special door appears in the empty room that takes the player to the next stage.

Kill Lushifon

Kakeru sees the castle, where Lushifon’s hiding place is located beside the river. During the infiltration, he knows that this place is capturing the kingdom’s princess. Kakeru uses the bounty to upgrade the armor and weapons before participating in dangerous battles. Many battles break out in the castle under Kakeru’s control. The final battle between Kakeru and Lushifon takes place at the center of the castle. He collects the key that fell off Lushifon’s body after it is destroyed. Kakeru fulfills his mission when the Lushifon empire is defeated, and the princess returns safely.

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