[Super Nintendo] Dragon Quest 1 & 2

Dragon Quest 1 & 2
Full nameDragon Quest 1 & 2
File size808.0KB
Genre Adventure
Region Japan Japan
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Dragon Quest (series) is one of the famous role-playing games on the NES platform. The first two versions, Dragon Quest I and Dragon Quest II, have received positive reviews from users. Due to the popularity, a remake version was available for the SNES platform, and it was Dragon Quest I • II. In addition, this game upgrades in image quality, and some from the original series change to bring new challenges.

The Story

The Dragon Quest I • II’s content is in the first two plot parts of the Dragon Quest series, and you will enjoy many different adventure journeys. In the first plot system (belonging to Dragon Quest), you are descended from the hero Erdrick, who once rescues the kingdom from evil forces. Your mission is to continue the defending cause the fatherland from the ancestors, the Dragonlord and saving the Kingdom of Alefgard. Next, Dragon Quest II takes place in 100 years later, and you have to gather the hero’s descendants who saves the world to participate in a new war, defeating the witch Hargon. Another difference between the first two versions is that the second version has a larger map system. Players will explore many different lands by moving on a boat.

The character control system

The character control system is based on Dragon Quest V. Besides, the enemies are still designed as complicated as on the version on the NES platform. Players will participate in turn-based combat and use many different strategies to defeat the enemy. You can choose between fighting and running when starting a match. The only difference that you will recognize when experiencing is the amount of gold and experience points less than the previous version. The goal is to conquer many dungeons and upgrade characters. You still have to explore and fight in many different dungeons. Each will provide experience and gold. Experience points help increase character levels, and gold uses to buy new equipment (armor, weapons, recovery items …). In addition, the magical power system can still use during combat. You can learn new spells, upgrade them after completing the required challenges.

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