[Super Nintendo] Dragon Quest 3

Dragon Quest 3
Full nameDragon Quest 3
File size2.2MB
Genre Role Playing
Region Japan Japan
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Similar to Dragon Quest and Dragon Quest II, Chunsoft and Enix have also developed a remake version of Dragon Quest III for the SNES platform with many new features. In this version, the gameplay has not changed much (it is still taking part in turn-based combat) but has built some new features. Besides, a new character class system is also added for players to choose from and develop including Warrior, Jester, Wizard, Thief… Each character class will have a unique specification, which will affect each character’s ability to use magic. However, a new feature was added when it was released on SNES, which allows you to change the current character class to a new one. When you reach level 20, you just need to go to the Temple of Dharma to choose a different character class. After changing, the character’s level will be modified (down from level 20 to level 1) but it will keep the previous skill progress. Therefore, a character can use many different types of magic. For example, a thief can assess the value of an item like a merchant.

In addition to the main character created at the beginning of the game, players will be recruited to add new members to the expedition team. You must go to Ruida’s Tavern to recruit new members and arrange a squad. Gamers can add or leave a member before starting the mission. Your main battlefield will take place in dungeons. Here, you will fight from the first perspective and must choose the right skills to destroy enemies. After defeating the enemies, you will get experience points and gold. With every win, you can receive valuable items to exchange or upgrade characters.

Besides, Dragon Quest III has a larger map system than both previous versions. From there, the number of enemies and battles will be bigger. Also, the in-game time system is carefully built with a clear day and night cycle. However, the Kingdom Alefgard is always at night time. In addition to killing monsters and exchanging goods for gold, some certain towns are also built with Monster Arenas. You have to move into Monster Arenas to enjoy the battle between monsters and monsters, in which you can bet to increase income. The level of monsters and the amount of money allowed to bet will be determined based on the level of the player.

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