[Super Nintendo] Dragon Quest 5

Dragon Quest 5
Full nameDragon Quest 5
File size1.0MB
Genre Role Playing
Region Japan Japan
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride (also known as Dragon Quest V) is the fifth version of the Dragon Quest series. It was available by Enix only in Japanese on SNES platform in 1992. The content takes place around the main character (Hero) in 30 years. The story begins when he was a child and lived by his father’s side. Later, the plot is changed with the Hero’s personal adventure journey when he grows up and gets married.


The first phase takes place when Hero is a child and lives with his father Pankraz Gotha. The hero does not know that his supposedly dead mother is now being held in the Underworld. His father has been trying to find his wife for years. However, Pankraz is murdered to protect his son and Prince Harry (a Hero’s friend). After that, Hero and Harry are sold into slavery, they have to do lots of hard work. Ten years later, the two find an opportunity to escape from the temple, and the Hero meets his wife (Nera – the Rodrigo’s daughter) while performing the mission at the noble Rodrigo Briscoletti’s request. Completing the mission, the two return to Gotha Kingdom, and Hero becomes the next land’s King (due to his father being the King of Gotha Kingdom before leaving on the journey to find the lost wife). Next, Hero and Nera have 2 children (1 boy and 1 girl). After some special events, Hero discovers that his mother is still alive and begins the quest to rescue her from the Demon World.

About the gameplay

Similar to the previous 4 versions, Dragon Quest V will give players group combat missions, and you have to conquer many different challenges to end. Another feature compared to its previous is only allowed to operate with a maximum of 3 members. In addition to recruiting characters, players can recruit monsters into the group. They can also level up like other people (because the Hero has the ability to communicate with monsters). The game brings 40 monsters with different fighting power to explore. In addition, monsters can automatically apply to join your party after they have been defeated (depending on the Hero’s strength).

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