[Super Nintendo] Dragon Quest 6

Dragon Quest 6
Full nameDragon Quest 6
File size0.0
Genre Role Playing
Region Japan Japan
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Dragon Quest VI still possesses a first perspective when participating  in combat. The highlight compared to the previous five versions is improved graphics and some new upgrades. The main character is still the Hero and the journey to save the world from evil. In this version, players can fight in two different worlds, Dream World and Real World.


In Dragon Quest VI, besides the main character that cannot be changed (or removed), you have to recruit many new characters into your battle group. After recruiting members, you have to reasonable upgrade plans for team members to use any combat skills and magic. With an elaborate plot system, players will fight and explore new lands. Each brings different dungeons and terrain to conquer. Like previous versions, you will take part in turn-based battles to gain experience points and gold. Accumulating the required experience, characters will be promoted and learn new skills. Gold is used in upgrading items or buying health recovery foods. The successful discovery of each dungeon will help you receive great value items to trade or equip your character. Besides, players can also collect medals to exchange items at the store. Besides, you have to defeat a certain boss in each area to go forward.

Many Quest to complete

Besides the plot combat missions, the game also offers some side quests and mini-games. They will appear when you complete the main quests. Each will bring a new character to search for or a dungeon to conquer. The rewards are not as valuable as the main quest, but it is a good choice to train your combat ability before starting a new adventure (where there are more dungeons and dangerous enemies). With the mini-game system, you will discover two interesting challenges, including Slime Arena and Best Dresser Contest. In addition, casinos also reappear to help players increase their collection and discover their luck.

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