[Super Nintendo] Dragon – The Bruce Lee Story

Dragon – The Bruce Lee Story
Full nameDragon - The Bruce Lee Story
File size1.4MB
Region Europe Europe
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story is a fighting game that came from stories and battles involving Bruce Lee (a famous martial artist). In the game, you will control Bruce and face many enemies in different areas in the world. The matches will take place in stages, and each brings an opponent with unique fighting techniques. Similar to other fighting challenges, the game has two game modes of one-player and multiplayer.

With the single-player mode, you have to complete many different matches to face the final boss and end the game. He shows Bruce’s fearful personality, which is The Phantom (with a Samurai warrior’s appearance). Each match will not be limited in competition time. The objective is to defeat the enemy to win, the match only stops when you or the opponent disappears. Similar to other fighting challenges, players have to move constantly and combine many different skills to take down opponents (can perform kicks or continuous punches).

Besides, your enemies can use weapons during the battle. Therefore, you have to have reasonable moves and keep a safe distance to avoid the enemy’s attack. Also, Bruce can use his weapons and equipment, nunchaku. In the beginning, the top of the screen will display many different vitality bars (including Bruce and his enemies). The HP bar is in red when an opponent’s attack hits, it will decrease. Characters will be erased on the screen when their health bar reduces to zero. At some stages, you will participate in the battle in the form of 1 vs 1. However, some others bring to one vs two battles (you have to face two enemies at the same time). Besides the main battle challenges, the game also offers several additional challenges to accumulate bonus points. The extra challenge brings a dummy,  and you have to attack it continuously for a limited time to get bonus points.

As for the multiplayer mode, the game allows a maximum of 3 players to join. They can fight together in CPU battles or take part in a fight between two players (player vs player). Because you can only control Bruce Lee, the multiplayer challenge will bring many of Bruce’s different versions (distinguish them through the costume’s color).

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