[Super Nintendo] Dragon View

Dragon View
Full nameDragon View
File size1.1MB
Genre Action , Role Playing
Region USA USA
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Dragon View is an adventure game by Kemco in 1944. The game takes place in Drakkhen, a land with the humans and dragons’s appearance. They lived together peacefully until the dragon lord was angry. It stole eight tears and Drakkhen’s treasures from Alex, the leader from the Rysis town. After owning the treasure, the dragon lord made people’s lives increasingly difficult and abducted Katarina, Alex’s wife. Having in deep hatred for the dragon lord, Alex overcame many dangers, facing many enemies to search for its place.

Conquer the challenges

Basically, players will control Alex through many different stages. He has armor and a sword. After talking with the people in the area, Alex comes to the cave in the first stage. He has to fight the guard outside the cave. Alex’s stamina and energy are displayed below the screen to control their combat skills. The sword in Alex’s hand exerts its full strength when the energy bar is filled. Alex gets many experience points after the enemy is defeated. A warrior stands in the cave and welcomes Alex. He is given a map by the warrior and bonuses to prepare for the next trip.

Fight with the Boss

Alex’s enemies include large scorpions, soldiers, and monsters. They are repeated in many areas to stop him. Alex has to fight the boss after a certain number of stages. Boss owns a part of the power from the treasure. He moves flexibly and uses special skills to quickly take down enemies. Alex collects bonus points, a tear, and a physical item when the boss is destroyed. He uses the bonus to go to the small shop that appears at the beginning. Here, he buys energy tanks and armor to ensure safety. Following the map’s directions, he goes to the dragon lord’s cave in the final stage. This mysterious cave is protected by many traps and dragon warriors. Many battles take place, and Alex finds the 8th piece of the treasure. He receives a great source of power and new weapons when combining 8 pieces. Alex rescues Katarina at the end of the cave and completes his mission.

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