[Super Nintendo] Drakkhen

Full nameDrakkhen
File size608.0KB
Region Japan Japan
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Drakkhen is an action game which was available by Infogrames in 1989. The game gives players new experiences with 3D graphics and engaging gameplay. Drakkhen is set on an island with four sources of energy from air, earth, water and fire. Humans and dragons are two creatures that live on this island. They live in harmony until strange monsters appear. To prevent its destruction, they have to search for 8 stones which store in the mountains and create to a destruction weapon.

Find the stones

In Drakkhen, the player’s task is immersive in a four-warriors group with to find the stones. They travel to many places on the island and into mysterious caves. Players face many enemies. With combined gameplay, they will fight the enemy as soon as it appears. Each character possesses a unique power to fend off attacks from enemies. Their skills can be combined to create a great deal of power and defeat enemies. However, this only happens when their stamina and energy are at the prescribed level. When they appear too much, the player will move back and run. They will take advantage of the enemy’s subjectivity and attack them suddenly. Players collect many items after enemies are destroyed such as armor, weapons, bonuses and physical rehabilitation items. Armor helps them fend off a number of attacks from enemies. The army’s strength is increased when each character possesses the right weapons.

Many challenges

Besides, players move to new lands on the island to conquer new challenges. Some conversations take place during the journey to tell about where the stones are hidden. Players have to fight with multiple enemies and a final boss in each stage. After they are defeated, they will search the area that they keep to retrieve the magic stone. The player is defeated in a special stage to come to the Shadow Man monster. They will assemble destruction weapons after collecting 8 magic stones. Their enemies have the ability to attack air and ground enemies. Players have to choose the correct soldiers’ order to minimize errors. A strong squad with weapons with great power and reasonable tactics will help them win this final battle.

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