[Super Nintendo] Dual Orb 2

Dual Orb 2
Full nameDual Orb 2
File size1.8MB
Region Japan Japan
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

From the previous success, the Nintendo publisher continues to launch Dual Orb II in the Dual Orb series with many content changes.


The game is in a hypothetical world with the advanced development of technology and science. Two famous scientists have created many high-tech products to serve human needs. However, a scientist is hidden by greed and wants to rule the earth with a sphere, their great invention. Knowing his evil plot, the remaining science fights intensely to destroy him and bring peace to humanity. A major explosion has turned many cities into rubble. After that explosion, the evil scientist is revived by an evil empire. He joins the alien empire to return to earth with a plot of revenge.

The Gameplay

Basically, the player controls Aleth, the King Langus’s son and begins his journey against the evil empire’s destruction. He takes quests from the king and travels to various areas in stages. The first leads Aleth to a forest. He accompanies a friend looking for a small village in the forest. Areth has a long sword with the ability to attack enemies from afar. He faces enemies who are soldiers. The game retains the familiar gameplay as the previous version. He and the opponent will make a turn-based battle. They cannot dodge attacks from the opponent. After the enemy is defeated, Aleth goes to the cave and starts a conversation with the messenger. In this place, he uses the bounty to upgrade weapons and armors. Aleth explores the cave lands and receives help from a soldier.

Besides, Aleth and his two friends go to the desert with bandits. He collects the map after defeating them. With the directions on the map, they go to a castle, a hideout for the evil scientist and empire. Aleth has to fight many enemies to find the leader and the scientist’s room. He will use the bonuses in the previous stages to equip items that restore energy and level up the weapons. The mission is completed when the evil empire is completely destroyed. Aleth and his friends return to Earth and receive a reward from the king.

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