[Super Nintendo] F-Zero

Full nameF-Zero
File size0.0
Genre Racing
Region Japan Japan
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

BS F-Zero Grand Prix is ​​a modified version of the SNES platform for the Japanese market. This game was officially available on December 29, 1996. This version still owns many similar designs to F-Zero’s basic version (brings the Mode 7 tournament and visual system). In this game, you have to compete in 15 different tracks, and each will have different areas to challenge the driver’s ability to drive. A match still takes place with five laps, and you have to complete the laps with the shortest time to win.

The four familiar racing cars are Luna Bomber, Fire Scorpion, Blue Thunder, and Green Amazone. In which, Luna Bomber is the vehicle with the fastest maximum speed (477 km / h), it is an option suitable for professional riders. This car requires the player to have stable control to avoid collisions. And Green Amazone is the most modest speed car in 4 cars (450 km / h). However, it possesses the lowest weight, 890 kg. From there, the car can easily accelerate and overcome rivals in complex bends. Finally, Blue Thunder is a racing car suitable for beginners (it owns a maximum speed of 472 km / h and has the second light weight – 1260 kg).

At each race, the player has to have clever movement to avoid obstacles and good control of movement speed. Continuous collision with obstacles will cause your vehicle to malfunction (an energy bar at the top of the screen will help you assess the vehicle’s surface), and the movement speed will reduce over time. Therefore, players have to minimize the collision to be able to achieve the best performance at each race.

With Grand Prix mode, you have to complete many different races to win the championship. To go forward and participate in the tournament, the player has to create a safe distance with the remaining three competitors (completing them faster than the opponent). From there, you can freely move without fear of other opponents. When the opponent has approached you, a scene signal will appear at the bottom of the screen – Check Out.

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