[Super Nintendo] International Superstar Soccer

International Superstar Soccer
Full nameInternational Superstar Soccer
File size670.1KB
Genre Sports
Region USA USA
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

International Superstar Soccer is the name of a series of football video games developed by Japanese company Konami,


The gameplay is perfect, the game’s speed is excellent, and passing the ball is easier than ever. Most soccer games for the Snes lacked a button to run. Yes, it is obvious, but while most games lacked it, you can run.

The player’s name’s are not real. Konami misspelled the characters so that they didn’t have to pay. I don’t care. I don’t like to see Ronaldo’s name under the screen because I remember that he is married to a hot chick and that earns more money in one match than all my family in five generations.

It is due to the game’s difficulty when it comes to scoring a goal. As far as I know, and believe me, I have played this game almost every day since 1995. There is the only way to score. You will have to get to your opponents are. When the goalkeepers come, you see that you have already played and will understand. This is because if you, somehow, managed to score a goal with any other method (excepting penalty kicks), that is just luck, goalkeepers in this game, and real bastards, they never miss.


The 16-bit version seems to be easier to control than its higher versions. If you notice, in those J prizes, it has a score bar. You will have to press for as long as you can to let the scale move. The ball will also be kicked very hard if your force scale is pushed to the maximum. Perfect Eleven and International Superstar don’t have that. Instead, the shutter button is the X button, a triangle button for the PlayStation version. If you press the X button, the ball immediately goes to the goal. You can lure the goalkeepers out with skilled button combinations. However, it is not easy to do that, and you need more skill and persistence to get through the matches.

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