[Super Nintendo] Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse, The

Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse, The
Full nameMagical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse, The
File size651.4KB
Region USA USA
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Mickey’s Magical Quest starts when Pluto chases after an overthrown ball and is suddenly captured by the evil Pluto


Oh no! The evil cat Pete has captured Pluto. How did he exactly? While a game of catch with Mickey and his friends, Pluto went to chase the ball. Mickey went to find Pluto afterward, and to his surprise, he did not see Pluto anywhere. Alas! Mickey has to go on a journey to find Pluto and save him from Pete. Will this mouse succeed? There are six exciting levels, but then again, six is short. But you can get nice power-up suits like a firefighter, a climber, or a magician! With these abilities, Mickey will surely be able to save Pluto.


If you want a nice, clean and fun game that will last a long time, then this game is for you! It may seem stupid or babyish at first as it stares at Mickey Mouse, but once you start to play it, you’ll realize how great the game really is! It wouldn’t stop playing it until you finally beat it. Now, at thirteen years old, once in a while, your buds take out the old Super Nintendo and still have fun beating the game! This is unlike all other Mickey games. There are lots of different levels going from the cold ice-lands all the way to the burning hot underground caves! Plus, throughout the game, you change from normal Mickey to magic Mickey, to Firefighter Mickey, and then all the way to swingin’ Mickey. The game is relatively easy and hard sometimes. Many bosses(especially the last boss, Emperor Pete) are quite a challenge! As for the controls.


The controls of this game are straightforward to learn. You move with the control pad, and you jump with B. To defeat enemies, you must jump on them, and then after, you can throw them at other enemies or jump on them again to make them disappear. Go, Mickey! Save Pluto!

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