[Super Nintendo] Mega Man VII

Mega Man VII
Full nameMega Man VII
File size1.2MB
Genre Platform
Region USA USA
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

After the disappointment, which was Mega Man 6, this game was much better, however, it still not reached Mega Man 2 or 3.


Wily was finally captured by Mega Man and put in prison. But Wily had planned for such a situation. He hid four robots in his underground lab, and if he didn´t contact them after six months, they would activate and search for him. This happened, and the robots were destroying the city on their search. Mega Man was called to stop them and bring peace to the city…The story was again perfect, it introduced a new bad guy (one of my favorites!), and there was some twists-a good story to sum it up.

Game Play

This time it was handled a bit differently. You get an intro stage like the X series. Then you must defeat the four robots in their stages. After that, you go through a mid-stage and then defeat additional four robots. But despite this, the weapon idea is still there. A new feature, borrowed from Mega Man IV and V for the Game boy, is a shop where you can buy items like E-Tanks, 1-Ups, W-Tanks, etc., if you have enough bolts, which you must collect in the stages.

Rush now got back his Coil and Jet transformation from MM 3-5. But his Fusion ability(his jet and power formations are now combined to the Super Adaptor) from Mega Man 6 is also back. He also gained a new ability: Rush Search lets him dig up useful items or trash (literally). The energy balancer is also back, and there is also an enhancement for your Super Adaptor, called the PU Fist. Also borrowed from the X series is the Escape Unit, which allows you to leave stages you visited before.

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