[Super Nintendo] Might And Magic II – Gates To Another World

Might And Magic II – Gates To Another World
Full nameMight And Magic II - Gates To Another World
File size505.9KB
Region Europe Europe
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Might and Magic II: Gates to Another World is a role-playing video game developed and published by New World Computing in 1988. This is a sequel to Might and Magic Book One: The Sanctum’s Secret Inside.


Might and Magic 2 is an extremely heavy western RPG inspired by games such as the Wizardry series and Dungeons and Dragons pen and paper. The game is about an inn containing many adventurers, and you can choose from 8 characters to play the role. However, you can also select your team by creating your new names. After choosing your team, you will go deep into town as a first game screen. Of course, here you will be given short messages about basic tasks to do, like exploring the world and fighting enemies. The story in the game is relatively confusing, and the scenes are randomly selected, not deep chain. You’d better have a standard guide just for you.


The game is designed from a first-person perspective and is set up to play in squares. You are allowed to move forward or backward or turn direction according to specific situations. But in general, this game is relatively limited in terms of graphics. It has no variety in its surroundings, and whatever you’re interested in will show up below the screen as text. Primarily these lines are the game instructions and warnings when the player might be in danger. Of course, this means these are the only things the game has to offer you. Along the way, you’ll pick up other tools that better assist, like a compass that can save you time wandering around looking for furniture, a very tedious game to navigate, and the only unique thing. To help on the screen is a compass. You also have a chance to get two sorcerers that provide a small map that doesn’t give detailed information and is essential to staying healthy. You will get it at the fountain right from the start of the game. This means that these are indispensable items if you want to conquer this game. It would help if you also memorized a spell that you can use to determine where you are. In the long run, to not want to waste time, you need to spend money to buy self-mapping skills to be more active in finding targets. This is also how the manufacturer exits the old format of previous games.

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