[Super Nintendo] NBA Jam – Tournament Edition

NBA Jam – Tournament Edition
Full nameNBA Jam - Tournament Edition
File size1.7MB
Genre Sports
Region USA USA
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

This new Tournament Edition keeps being as surreal as its predecessor, and that is the good thing about it, those looking for a serious basketball simulator should look elsewhere


The gameplay is rock solid. Career Mode offers a challenge, and the game will keep track of your stats via a username and password. Every NBA team (at the time) is selectable for play, as are most of the star players, minus Michael Jordan. The controls are fair. You get used to them pretty quick. You can shoot, pass, use turbo, and push your opponent. Since there are no fouls, the pushing is a load of fun. If your character makes three shots in a row without the other team or your teammate scoring, your character will be ”On Fire”. When your character has the ball, it will light on fire. Your accuracy will be greatly boosted, and you’ll have some cool jams at your disposal. This lasts until an opponent or teammate scores.

The coolest thing that this game offers are the power-ups and secret characters. They make for quite a fun time with your friends. If you turn the power-ups on the menu screen, you will notice shield-shaped items that appear randomly on the court during games. These power-ups can do many neat and useful things such as deadly accuracy, incredible speed, and the ”On Fire” ability. Some other power-ups are just for fun, like the Strength and Jam abilities. When you pick up the Strength power up and push an opponent (or teammate), they will go flying about 3 times farther than normal.


Controls are straightforward. You also can customize them to your liking if you want, even to the exact buttons. This is simply a pick-up and plays the game. This game’s difficulty is very balanced, ranging from the Very Easy Difficulty (the AI wanders around the court, providing a little problem for the beginner, but enough of a challenge for them) to the insanely difficult Very Hard Difficulty. If Very Hard still appears easy to you, try defeating the Houston Rockets with the Philadelphia 76ers and tell me if it’s easy then.

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