[Super Nintendo] Riddick Bowe Boxing

Riddick Bowe Boxing
Full nameRiddick Bowe Boxing
File size406.1KB
Region Japan Japan
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Riddick Bowe Boxing is a fighting game by the Extreme Entertainment Group in 1993. The game comes from on the dramatic boxing matches with two athletes. With beautiful images and flexible controls, this is a game that the enthusiasts cannot ignore.

The game offers two modes as one player and two players. In a single-mode, they will control a boxer to join the tournament with many famous others. Players can choose costumes and names before participating in the 1vs1 match. A field will appear with two gamers. They will go through 3 rounds to find the winner. Players will move left or right to keep a safe distance from their opponents. Gladiators perform attacks continuously to the opponent’s face and stomach. Continuous attacks make the player’s blood to decrease. When an opponent attacks, the fighter will move flexibly to sit down or cover his hands to avoid direct attacks. After a period of competition, the loser is the one who cannot stand up after 10 seconds. To go to the next rounds, the player has to win two of three innings. The referee will horror the winner before the stage. Victory in each match helps the items increase their strength. For example, the boxer’s strength increases when he equips a pair of gloves, shoes that help him move more agile. In the next rounds, players will face many best athletes. By experience, the player will easily defeat the opponent. After each round, the scores are displayed. The player who has to stop the game has a low score. Overcoming 10 intense matches will bring boxers into the final round. They receive the prestigious cup and prize money after defeating the last opponent.

Besides, with a two-player mode, they will join together in an optional arena. Instead of participating in the tournament, they have to create an optional match. Players use their skills to defeat the enemy as quickly as possible.

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