[Super Nintendo] Rock N’ Roll Racing

Rock N’ Roll Racing
Full nameRock N' Roll Racing (Beta)
File size712.9KB
Genre Racing
Region USA USA
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Rock n’ Roll Racing is a vehicular combat-based racing video game developed by Silicon & Synapse and published by Interplay Productions for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1993


In this game, you compete on different planets to become the best and wealthiest racer in the galaxy. You start on your homeworld, and when you make it big there, you’ll be sent to other worlds to compete against the best. And believe me, they are the best, so you’ll have to be even better.

You start by choosing a character. They range from a human named Snake to a Viking named Olaf. You are then given $20,000 to get a car with. Then you begin to race. You race for trophies and money to improve your car and weapons or buy an even better car with more damaging weapons.


The gameplay is excellent. The controls are easily mastered. Winning races will get you money to buy new cars and upgrade your cars with armor, engines, missiles, mines, nitro-boosts, etc. During races, it’s total carnage. There are only four racers in each race, but that’s more than enough! Everybody is shooting missiles and dropping mines, trying to blow each other up. If you do explode (or jump of the track), you will be placed back on the track, losing a few seconds.

The events take place on all kinds of different planets, and all of the racers have different backgrounds and skills. Even in beginner mode, the game is still very challenging, so those who like a challenge will enjoy this game. Those who don’t like challenges will probably end up crying, but hey, you win some, and you lose some. Either way, you’ll eventually get used to the rough, rock racing style in this game.

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