[Super Nintendo] Side Pocket

Side Pocket
Full nameSide Pocket
File size581.4KB
Region USA USA
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Side Pocket is a pocket billiards video game originally released into arcades by Data East in 1986


Once you get to start playing it, you will find it’s more realistic than you think. Whenever you use a Masse shot (for the unlearned, that means hitting the ball on the top to cause a jump shot or one hell of a spin), it shakes the table, and the balls move because of it. You can do all the normal English too, and there’s a training mode to help you get used to it. The aiming system is decent but not precise, but you’ll get used to it.

Sure, the game is on the minimalist side, making it more enjoyable for real casual gaming sessions. The controls are simple with some flairs for strategy, easy to learn on the go. Once you get to World, things start really getting tricky, and the trick shots are very hard. (There’s a separate set of Trick Shots that you get by shooting a ball into a flashing star pocket in one player mode


The balls’ contact sounds good, the music is catchy but can become annoying after a while, and when you win or do something well, the voice says ”Excellent,” but it sounds like he’s saying ”Merry Christmas”. Eh, no biggie.

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