[Super Nintendo] Sky Mission

Sky Mission
Full nameSky Mission
File size277.9KB
Region Japan Japan
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Namco publisher released Sky Mission in 1992 and received many positive reviews from critics. This is a simulation game that lovers cannot ignore.

Players can choose their favorite pilot among Marcel Leblanc, Sean Meloney, John Hargreaves, Charlie Dexter, and Lawrence Wolfe. They are the people who have experience and aircraft control skills in the UK in the early years of the 20th century. Players will go through many stages containing missions with increasing difficulty. Their mission is to control the fighters to destroy enemies. In the first level, the player has to pass a German army’s military base in a large area. Here, the enemy has arranged many defensive systems with cannons and radar. Players will move up or down to easily observe the terrain. When discovering intrusion, the radar system will alert, and the cannon begins to attack them. To evade this attack, the player will move flexibly to the left or right. This will prevent the aircraft from exploding in dangerous situations. After observing the enemy’s base, players quickly control their aircraft low and drop bombs and rockets to destroy. They get bonus points for destroying bases and enemies.

The player has to cross high mountains to the next level to continue his journey. The terrain is not flat creating a great challenge for pilots. If the player does not observe the map, the aircraft can explode when colliding with the mountains. They have to start the level again when an incident occurs. Besides, they also have to fight the enemy’s military aircraft. Players use rockets to destroy them. However, the number of missiles is limited, and it will slow down the aircraft’s movement speed. They have to perform their attack accurately to destroy the enemy aircraft. After crossing many dangerous lands, players will face the final enemy, Red Baron, a brutal warrior. An aerial battle takes place between the leader’s two fighters. Defending and attacking in previous levels will be the player’s strength. The mission completes when Baron and his base disappear.

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