[Super Nintendo] Space Invaders

Space Invaders
Full nameSpace Invaders
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Region USA USA
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Space Invaders is an addictive shooting game. This game created the highlight of the shooting games development on the Arcade Game platform. This game was designed by Taito and was released by the manufacturer to Japan in 1978. In the same year, a version for the North American was also available by Midway. Besides Arcade, Atari, Inc. Also brings a unique version to the Atari 2600 platform. At the launching time, the game was well known globally and brought in over $ 3.8 billion for manufacturer. In particular, from the released time until 2016, it has earned about 13 billion dollars, making it on the list of the highest-revenue games.

The mission is to control a laser cannon and to resist the alien’s attacks players. In which, the invading force will appear from the top of the screen and line up in many lines. Besides, they will move horizontally to attack or move from the top to the bottom to destroy the player’s cannon. The laser cannon that the player will use is displayed at the bottom of the screen. Meanwhile, the player has to move the cannon to the left or right to kill the aliens. In addition, the player has to move skillfully to avoid enemy’s bullets. In particular, player has to quickly destroy enemies to avoid them approaching the cannon. When they reach it, the game is stopped, and the player loses. Besides moving to destroy many aliens, the front of the cannon has bunkers so that players can hide to advoice the enemy’s bullets.

However, these bunkers can be destroyed, and player has to less depend on hiding behind bunkers. Instead, player has to make swift and precise moves to defeat the enemy to achieve many high scores. Besides receiving bonus points after destroying an alien, the game also offers a new challenge to conquer. The number of killed aliens will correspond to their movement speed. If you defeat many enemies, their movement speed will increase. Therefore, the combat mission will be more complex, and you have to have good focus to complete the challenge.

Space Invaders for SNES is simpler than the Arcade platform. The used colors are dim, not as clear as Arcade. In addition, the movement is a little slower.

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