[Super Nintendo] Spriggan Powered

Spriggan Powered
Full nameSpriggan Powered
File size600.9KB
Region Japan Japan
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

The third and final version of the Spriggan Powered series was available by Naxat Soft in 1996. In this version, your battle scene will change from Mars to other scenes or some planets. The main goal is still to destroy all the enemies and have a special boss to fight (this character has a design similar to Mega Man X’s Zero). Your main battle weapon is a machine gun. You can change it by collecting energy balls that fall from enemies (after being destroyed) or appear on the way. Each will have a different color, and they bring weapons with several features to explore.

Spriggan Powered provides different battle scenes. Moreover, the game will prepare three separate levels (Normal, Hard and Super), and each brings a different number of enemies to challenge the player’s skills. Before starting, you can customize three levels in the Options folder. In which, Normal will bring the number of enemies and average fire density to get acquainted. Super is the hardest level, it has many enemies, and they will appear continuously on the screen. From there, it creates firepower and makes players difficult to move. Observing well will help you avoid the enemy’s damage. Slow reflexes will make you hit bullets and to be destroyed.

Instead of providing life like the other challenges, the game will offer a vitality bar at the top, left corner of the screen. It has two different features, including showing the character’s health and the energy to activate special skills. Hit bullets from enemies will make you reduce vitality. Or each uses a special skill, also makes a part of energy decline. Therefore, it offers a crazy challenge to overcome. Using energy improperly will cause the player to be quickly destroyed. Note, you can recover energy by destroying enemies and collecting white orbs (which help you recover faster).

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