[Super Nintendo] Street Fighter II Turbo

Street Fighter II Turbo
Full nameStreet Fighter II Turbo
File size1.5MB
Genre Fighting
Region USA USA
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Street Fighter II Turbo is part of a series of video games of the same name that Capcom attempted to re-issue in 1993 after the previous version failed as expected. There are many significant improvements in this game,  such as a unique storyline and gameplay and many sharper graphics.


In this part, you will play as one of 12 characters, running into the streets and fighting to determine who is the best among them. Each of them has their talents and their own combat goals. Guile and Chun Li want to take the life of tycoon M. Bison to question the crime and responsibility for the death of loved ones and seek revenge for them, E. Honda and Zangief are passionate about wrestling and want to assert themselves. Myself in the profession and the ambition to become the most legendary punchers.

However, in this game, not only that, you will get a much more diverse role-playing match when you can transform into villains such as CPU-controlled bosses, boxer Balrog, Self-respecting boxer Vega, Muay Thai fighter Sagat, and the powerful warlord M. Bison.


In many ways, the game will take place that two characters will have to pit against each other with many different rounds on each match. Of course, both are indispensable for themselves, the power meters, which appear at the screen’s ends. Of course, you will also observe the remaining strength of your opponent. The character who wins the previous two winnings will win the cycle. In 1 player mode, you will have to fight all the different characters controlled by the machine’s AI. You will have to win qualifying matches before facing the most prominent champions.


This work has been done very well by the game development team when it gives players a sense of the game’s reality. The voices are very diverse. Each different character has a different tone. Each match has its soundtrack but does not make the player feel distracted.

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