[Super Nintendo] Super Alfred Chicken

Super Alfred Chicken
Full nameSuper Alfred Chicken
File size712.7KB
Genre Adventure
Region USA USA
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Alfred Chicken is a video game of the platform genre developed by Twilight for many different platforms, but the most appreciated platform should be SNES in 1993. It also made its way into popular markets. Like Europe and North America for the next two years.


The game does not have good graphics. Alfred was not too much of an actual chicken. Its name has appeared in the serialized cartoon version. The drawing levels are not too detailed, and the simulation just stops at the general level. In the SNES version, the character graphics have been much more complicated, but the images related to the opponent still look quite childish.


In this game, you will control the chicken Alfred to win 100 gold stars as quickly as possible and live more time. He can also touch the balloon to change his life when he dies. Of course, if no balloons pass by, he won’t have any chance to be reborn. This chicken is also straightforward to fall. It only takes one blow to die at any time. The slow pace also makes the game boring for many people and, of course, also makes many people feel interesting without being too focused on what’s going on.


The sound investment is relatively elaborate. You can perceive different sonic colors at different levels. The sound of footsteps, dancing, and flapping of wings were also quite well done and suitable for this rooster character.


While jumping, Alfred can unleash attacks to defeat enemies. So, you have to learn how to make this move correctly. You will have to use this move a lot if you want to win the entire game. I liked the original idea of ​​just jumping on the enemy to take them out and if you’re trying to get rid of a fast-moving enemy. However, the manufacturer was right when it was challenging to do this with a few buttons, which could slow the game rhythm.

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