[Super Nintendo] Super Bomberman 3 (33874)

Super Bomberman 3 (33874)
Full nameSuper Bomberman 3 (33874)
File size806.2KB
Region Japan Japan
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Super Bomberman 3 is one of the famous video games in the same name in the action genre. It was first released in 1995 and is one of the good games, is a significant factor in the success of the series.

Game mode

Super Bomberman 3 also includes only two modes, normal mode and battle mode like the previous installments. With standard mode, as its name suggests, the gameplay in this mode is relatively simple. You will have five worlds to overcome. Each world has four difficulty levels gradually. The planets are also tricky to rise up in order from 1 to 5 slowly. In combat mode, we have parallel worlds, but what is special is in the 5th world. The AI ​​scene of the game is made. This mode is very good, and the appearance of more formidable characters and opponents will make you feel much more challenging to confront.

However, all of them aren’t as difficult as the game’s last 6-level. Here, you will not win by any form of cheating but have to fight to win each match to reach the final boss. However, defeating the opponents here is problematic. They were designed to be so powerful that they had to be bombed at least twice to beat it.

Graphics and sound

Perhaps in the game parts, part 3 is the most powerful and beautiful design capabilities. The graphics of Mario’s character have been more disruptive with distinctive red tones. Monster models are also upgraded with more details, and Mario’s moves are even more diverse. The game’s music also has a substantial inheritance when there is a step to purify all the noise encountered from the previous part 2. Besides, they get the addition of vivid sound details during the breaks between levels.

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