[Super Nintendo] Super Bomberman 4

Super Bomberman 4
Full nameSuper Bomberman 4
File size871.2KB
Genre Action
Region Japan Japan
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Along with Mario and Legend of Zelda, Super Bomberman is also a longstanding and popular franchise on Nintendo consoles. It was developed by Hudson Soft on many different platforms such as SNES, Super Famicom … Q2 1996, the 4th version of the game was officially released on SNES under the name Super Bomberman 4.

The story in Super Bomberman 4 happens after the events of season 3 have ended. The series’ antagonist Bagura escapes an explosion on his ship. He determined to return to take revenge on the Bomberman and invade the earth. Bagura released the 4 Bomber Kings and sent them to earth to carry out his evil plan. Their main target is 2 bomberman black and white. Players will transform into Bomberman heroes to go back in time and fight powerful enemies across many exotic lands. Their ultimate goal was to defeat Bagura.

The gameplay mechanics in Super Bomberman 4 in general have not changed much from the previous versions in the series. The player controls Bomberman, who is able to place bombs and detonate them to destroy obstacles. To complete a level, you need to destroy all enemies on the map. After all are destroyed, the portal to the next level will be activated. Besides placing bombs, you can collect items to strengthen your character, ride pets to increase defenses, or collect eggs.

Beside, the game still has many attractive game modes for you to try. They are Battle Royale mode, Champion mode, and Maniac mode.

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