[Super Nintendo] Super Bomberman 5

Super Bomberman 5
Full nameSuper Bomberman 5
File size1.0MB
Genre Action
Region Japan Japan
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Super Bomberman 5 is a video game from the hugely popular Super Bomberman series and was first released in 1997 by Hudson Soft. It is also the end of the series itself. The game is available in two variants and is officially open for sale through CoroCoro.


Super Bomberman 5 has a particular variety of bombs that can be used. Unlike its predecessors, this game allows you to use different bombs to attack enemies like worn bombs, explosive bombs, and some other variations of heat-seeking bombs that are quite interesting. The Kangaroo bomb is also promptly present, and the main character’s skills will make you more amazed. You will have for yourself the ability to jump, hit very hard, kick and throw bombs, run away, and push blocks. All of these capabilities are in the ultimate bomber.

Use all you have to attack your enemies and earn money. So what do you get in return? You will have more than ten different levels to play, and the difficulty level is very high right from the first round. You can choose from 12 different skins and many characters to choose from. Multiplayer mode is more customizable and suitable for the machine configuration and individual preferences of the player.

To win the final, you must try to learn how to work under pressure with a small-time limit on each task. The multiplayer mode allows up to 8 people and is reported to be much more engaging with very high customization and character swaps. When combined, all of these features make for one of the defining moments in a multiplayer game with just 8 Daytona players, in my opinion.


The game works relatively well with mostly bomb sound, although you will probably find these single-color sounds quite boring when played long enough. However, the game’s graphics have been upgraded quite significantly. The character’s image is detailed enough, and the way to move is hugely flexible. The color of the game is also considered suitable for fierce bomb battles.

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