[Super Nintendo] Super Castlevania IV

Super Castlevania IV
Full nameSuper Castlevania IV
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Region USA USA
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Castlevania IV was one of the first games released for the Super Nintendo (around late 1991). Like its NES predecessors, it proudly carries on the vampire hunting tradition of Konami’s classic series.


The story is basically the same as the first Castlevania game. Every one hundred years Dracula and his minions rise and threaten the lively hood of the people of Transylvania. Luckily the Belmont family has always been prepared to defend the country against this threat by passing down vampire hunting skills from generation to generation. Simon Belmont is thus called upon to destroy Dracula. Like the ones in most games of this genre, this story is quite poor, but fortunately, the story is not a major element to this kind of game.


In Super Castlevania IV, you control Simon Belmont, the vampire hunter. Your objective is to navigate through eleven stages full of Count Dracula’s evil minions, including waterways, a clock tower, dungeon, Belltower, swamp, and many other creepy environments. Each stage has a powerful boss monster waiting at the end to confront you. An example is the skeletal horseback rider, orphic vipers, ghost knight, mummy, Storage, and giant vampire bat.

You are armed with a trusty chain whip, which serves as your main means of fighting enemies. Still, you will also have a wide variety of other useful weapons at your disposal, including knives, axes, holy water, a crucifix, and a stopwatch, which freezes time. The play control is excellent in this game. And when compared to the controls in many of the earlier Castlevania games. It is clear that this game was a vast improvement in this area. The game is challenging in many stages, but luckily, it is a lot of fun. The gameplay element really counts in action games, and Castlevania IV shines in this department.

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