[Super Nintendo] Super Double Dragon

Super Double Dragon
Full nameSuper Double Dragon
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Region Europe Europe
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Super Double Dragon was available in North America in October 1992 and Europe in September 1993. In the Japanese market, it was the Return of Double Dragon (in October 1992). This game is the 4th version of the Double Dragon series which provides the task of destroying a group of criminals, Shadow Warriors. In the game, you still have to choose one of the two main characters to use (Jimmy and Billy). A new feature is that they are designed differently in appearance (costume color, hairstyle) and attack techniques.

Similar to the previous sections, players will have to fight in stages, and each brings a boss (appears at the end of the level). Super Double Dragon has 7 stages (taking place in 7 different contexts), including airport, forest, casino, fighting on the top of a truck which is moving on the street, gym and the last boss’s base (the Shadow Warriors’ leader). Besides, each tycoon possesses different attack skills. For example, Chen Ron-Fu (phase 3’s tycoon) has a knack for using kicks to knock out opponents. Or Jackson – phase 2’s boss, owns powerful and accurate punches.

Besides basic fighting techniques (hordes and rocks), Jimmy and Billy can also use some special attack techniques and defensive skills. Players can use special skills after accumulating enough energy in the power status bar (displayed under the character’s life bar). Depending on the energy, damage due to attack techniques will vary. Besides, the energy bar is fully charged, the player can use offensive techniques that can cause high damage for a limited time. With defensive skills, characters can block attacks to ensure that the vitality does not decrease. During the battle at 1 stage, the player faces many different enemies (Roper, Baker, Williams …). They can attack with weapons or no armed. Also, you can pick up the enemy’s weapons to use (wooden sticks, nunchaku, knives …), after knocking them down. Using weapons helps you quickly defeat enemies but it will limit the ability to move. Therefore, you have to have a suitable competition strategy at each stage to complete in the shortest time.

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