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Super Mario Kart
Full nameSuper Mario Kart
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Genre Racing
Region Europe Europe
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Super Mario Kart is Nintendo’s famous racing game series that was inspired by Mario game. The game is available on many Nintendo platforms like SNES, Game Boy, Wii and Nintendo Switch.


In Super Mario Kart, you can enjoy fun races with familiar characters from Nintendo video games. The game offers many beautiful races and tons of support items that make the race more fun than ever. You can freely choose and control 8 familiar characters from the Mario series including Mario, Koopa Troopa, Princess Peach, Luigi, Yoshi, Bowser, Toad, and Donkey Kong Jr. Each character will possess a special skill to use in races. For example, Donkey Kong Jr can leave banana peels on the track, when other characters collide with this banana peel, they will be rotated and lost control. Or Yoshi, the dinosaur that can drop eggs and cause other drivers to lose their coins.

At the start of each race, you choose your character and vehicle. The character and vehicle parameters can directly affect the way you control your car during the race. For example, vehicles with large wheels tend to move more slowly than others, but they have excellent balance. If you choose a car with small wheels, you can move very quickly but it is very easy to fall in a collision.

Game modes

Super Mario Kart has 2 single-player modes, Time Trial and Mario Kart Grand Pix. In addition, the game is available with 3 additional modes for multiplayer: Match Race, Mario Kart GP, and Battle Mode. In the Time Trial part of the single-player mode, you have to compete with 7 opponents on an available track. Your task is to complete the races with the shortest time to finish the match.

In Mario Kart Grand Pix game mode, the game allows you to compete in small tournaments – Cup. Each Cup offers 5 different types of tracks and you have to compete against 7 opponents at the same time (they are controlled by the CPU). First, you will participate in 3 basic Cups: Star Cup, Mushroom Cup, and Flower Cup. Each cup has 2 difficulty options: 50cc and 100cc. To unlock the remaining 2 Trophies, you need to complete matches at level 100 cc. Successfully conquered 3 Trophies with 100cc, you will unlock the 4th Cup (it also possesses a difficulty of 100cc). Finally, when you complete all 4 levels of 100cc, you can unlock a special Cup with a difficulty of 150cc. Races of this section will take place with a maximum of 5 laps and each lap will take place with a different type of track.

In multiplayer mode, races will take place with 2 Player and 6 CPUs. At this point the screen will be divided into 2 parts – above and below. Each player will control a part of the screen to participate in the competition. The Mario Kart GP part of the multiplayer mode is similar to the single player mode. Both players need to take the position 1-4 in order to proceed to the next round. Match Race is a head-to-head race, it has only 2 players participating and competing with each other on the track. Battle Mode also offers races between the 2 players with no CPU intervention. Each driver is provided with 3 support balloons to increase power during competition.

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