[Super Nintendo] Super Mario World (V1.1)

Super Mario World (V1.1)
Full nameSuper Mario World (V1.1)
File size336.1KB
Genre Platform
Region Europe Europe
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

The history of the character Mario in the video game has stretched back too many years. You’re too easy to name many different games in which Mario adventure on many other platforms. And Super Mario World for Entertainment System Super Nintendo is also one of the best and most classic games featuring this legendary character. Super Mario World has helped reshape and transform the classic Mario game development formula into something much brighter and better in graphics and gameplay.


Like many previous Mario games, Super Mario World is a platformer game and adventure that follows Mario’s long tradition. The main character still has familiar moves like jumping and walking around to get to the place where Bowser kidnapped the princess. SMW also includes a world map, allowing you to view and quickly go anywhere you want. As you level up, you will find this especially helpful as it can help you find the fastest way and escape from enemy hunting.

SMW also assists you by creating the dinosaur Yoshi, a mascot with a lot of power, and can devour an enemy. It spits out flames and is capable of flying and jumping quite quickly. Mario can also fly with a special cloak and can sometimes perform bomb attacks while in flight.


The best part about Super Mario World is the incredibly well-built adventure. It has no additional details in this game. The designs are surprisingly rounded and optimized. You will find yourself curious about the items along the way and will have to come back to play a few more times. The designs at different levels are different, so you don’t get bored, and the stories are some of the best and most challenging designs the series has ever come up with. In short, this is still the most attractive Mario-related game in the entire NES game system with cute animations and various animations across the regions on the map.

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