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Super Mario World
Full nameSuper Mario World
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Super Mario World is the fifth version of the Super Mario series. It was officially released by Nintendo in 1990. In this version, the event takes place after Luigi and Mario complete the mission to protect the Mushroom Kingdom (Super Mario Bros. 3).

The story

After the event in the fourth version, the two brothers decided to travel on a beautiful island called the Dinosaur Land. While resting on the beach, they discovered that Princess Toadstool was mysteriously missing. As a result, they entered a nearby forest to find the princess. During the search, they suddenly discovered a huge dinosaur egg. At that moment, the egg began to hatch and went out of the shell of a young dinosaur. It is named Yoshi. Also, Super Mario World is the first version with Yoshi’s participation. Then, the newly born dinosaur informed Mario and Luigi about its friends being imprisoned by Koopas. Based on the fact that the princess was missing and the dinosaur eggs were under control of Koopas, the two main characters suddenly realized that the information was related to King Koopa Bowser and Koopalings. They started the journey to rescue all the innocent characters.

The challenges

In the game, you will accompany Yoshi, Mario and Luigi in the mission to rescue the dinosaur eggs and Princess Toadstool. To return the peace to the Dinosaur Land, you need to cross 7 worlds. Before performing the mission, Yoshi gave Mario a cape and they start the mission. The challenge system will be divided into 2 different stages. At the first one, you need to defeat the Koopalings to free the dinosaur eggs. The next stage and the final challenge of the game is to fight Bowser at his castle to rescue the princess.

How to play

The gameplay of the game is similar to the previous versions when gamers have to overcome many pitfalls along the way to collect support items and coins. At this point, gamers have to collect lots of coins to create points. You can also get more points by destroying enemies along the way. Besides, this game has a new feature is that it gives the player a box containing items. The game allows you to collect and accumulate Mushrooms. Also, players can participate in exploring the world by using Yoshi as a mount. You can do that after collecting Yoshi’s egg on the way. Each stage of the game still offers a certain time limit to ask the player to complete the challenge on time.

The visual

About the graphics, the game was designed with a sharper image system. The characters are also very cute and lively. They will surely make gamers more interested in the game.

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