[Super Nintendo] Super Ninja Kun

Super Ninja Kun
Full nameSuper Ninja Kun
File size448.3KB
Genre Adventure
Region Japan Japan
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Jaleco released Super Ninja Kun in 1995, and this game has received many good reviews because of possessing fun gameplay. This game offers the journey to rescue Momoko Hime of a young ninja warrior (the evil Skull mage kidnapped her). With the travel element, the player will control a ninja warrior and overcome many Skull soldiers to reach his fortress and rescue the princess. Besides the diverse terrain for players to freely run, jump and climb, the manufacturer also prepares tycoons at the end of each stage to fight. In particular, successfully destroying bosses will help you own a new weapon (the basic when you start the game is a dart). For example, defeating the boss at the first stage helps you collect grenades, and you can also freely change weapons to use. Note, defeating bosses will not be easy because each has special fighting skills.

To kill enemies, you just have to throw darts at them. Successful destroying will convert into 1 soul to collect. Collecting more will make your weapons have better damage ability. An energy bar will appear at the bottom of the screen, and a collected soul will transform into energy to load into this status bar. In addition to using weapons, you can grab enemies and throw them away. They can also attack you with their skills. Therefore, you have to move smartly to avoid attack skills. Besides defeating enemies, you also face many different traps (can only destroy the traps by using the weapons). The character’s vitality will display in the form of different hearts. Every time you take damage from enemies or traps, one heart will lose. You will begin the mission with two hearts and collect more by picking up them along the way. However, the game does not possess the ability to store hearts after completing a stage. This means that each battle begins with two hearts, and you cannot carry the hearts from the old into the new stage.

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