[Super Nintendo] Sutte Hakkun (NP)

Sutte Hakkun (NP)
Full nameSutte Hakkun (NP)
File size694.8KB
Region Japan Japan
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Sutte Hakkun is an entertainment game by Nintendo in 1997. The missions take place on an island that is far from the ocean. On this island holds a treasure that brings happiness to humans. However, this treasure is broken and divided into many pieces in many different places on the island. Before the treasures lose, Hakkun decides to start the journey to search for fragments to bring peace and happiness to the people.

Hakkun, the main character, is driven to many places to collect debris. Each that he goes through will contain a treasure’s fragment. Hakkun will go through 50 levels to complete his mission. In the first level, he goes to a cave to search for the first fragment. To get that piece, the player has to cross high cliffs. Hakkun has a special ability to suck large stones to move them to different positions. After moving them, he will jump and come to different locations to get the pieces. In addition to the rocks, each level contains one of two blue and red energy pots randomly. When he collects the blue energy pot, he will spray it on a big stone. The stone will move to the sides to help him move easily. Possessing the red energy will bring Hakkun to the map’s upper areas. He gets some reward points after collecting the pieces. The amount of points that he receives, depends on the time he completes the level.

In the next levels, Hakkun will go to many areas with complex terrain. Large blocks will appear more continuously. He has a short time to view the map and the debris. A perfect plan to choose the path will help Hakkun collect many bonuses and come to new levels. The difficulty continues to increase from level 35. New enemies will appear to hinder Hakkun’s journey. He has to jump on their heads to freeze the monsters instantly. Besides, Hakkun will move large boulders to limit the enemy’s movement. He collects 50 debris after passing through the levels. The mission is completed when Hakkun places the treasure in the island’s center.

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