[Super Nintendo] The Adventures Of Batman & Robin

The Adventures Of Batman & Robin
Full nameThe Adventures Of Batman & Robin
File size1.3MB
Genre Action
Region USA USA
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Based on two famous DC characters Batman and his familiar aide Robin, the developer Konami developed an addictive fighting game called The Adventures of Batman & Robin. It was officially released on SNES in 1994. An interesting feature of this game is that its challenges are based on the movie Batman: The Animated Series. In the game, players will take part in combat and adventure missions for different levels. Each level will take players to a certain area of ​​Gotham City, where are under the control of a dangerous criminal (Batman’s familiar enemies).

The gameplay

Join The Adventures of Batman & Robin, you have to control Batman and attack the areas of criminals to destroy them. Besides, at the end of each level, the game will bring 1 boss for you to fight. In which, Joker is the first boss you need to defeat. In addition to using conventional combat techniques, Batman can also use a variety of support items, such as X-ray glasses or bombs. Also, some challenges will require players to return to the Batcave to equip support items. Meanwhile, you will be going to Batcave to select the appropriate items to complete the task.

The task system

To suit each player’s ability, the game also has a unique level system, including, Easy, Medium and Hard. You can choose the suitable one before starting the experience. Depending on the level, enemies and the number of traps along the way will be different. In which, the first two levels will help players get familiar with the challenges of the game. And the final level will bring a complex challenge for you to show the ability to control the character smartly.

Besides the task of fighting with super-criminals and their henchmen, you also have the task of rescuing citizens who are being kept illegally. To complete the required missions, Batman will have to constantly move and fight the enemies along the way. Besides, he must keep in touch with Robin to receive new information during the mission. Bad criminals also prepare many different types of traps to stop you from completing the level. Therefore, players need to carefully observe the path and move the character intelligently to overcome dangerous traps.

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