[Super Nintendo] The Chaos Engine

The Chaos Engine
Full nameChaos Engine, The
File size940.8KB
Genre Action , Shooter
Region Europe Europe
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

The Chaos Engine is a unique action game by Renegade Software in 1993. The game is in England under King Victoria’s reign. In the 1800s, a peaceful country suddenly appeared a time traveler who was trapped. He was Baron Fortesque, a mysterious character that investigated future events. After getting lost in this kingdom, he started making robots to change time and space. However, due to a small error in production, the robots evolved and developed more than humans. The Chaos Engine, the wicked army’s leader prepared a perfect plan to capture and rule the human race on the Earth. Major conflicts and the economic crisis were swift and put Britain in danger. After that, the mercenaries decided to search and destroy many enemies to bring peace to the world.

Players will control a mercenary and a companion to complete their mission. They overcome various dangerous areas to search for Fortesque and Chaos Engine hiding places. Each large stage consists of many levels with increasing difficulty. The player has a gun with many bullets. They cross a forest with mutated enemies that have a terrifying shape. With equipped weapons, players quickly destroy to go to the next area. They collect new weapons which are flamethrower gun with great power and long-range. The next level takes place in a small river in the forest. In addition to enemies being monsters, the player has to destroy large frogs and guardians in caves. The guard is controlled by the Engine and follows the requirements.

The player will go to Fortesque’s robot manufacturing base after destroying all enemies in the forest. Many new others will appear to create several difficulties. Players will collect many items when destroying enemies or on bases such as keys and weapons. The key divides into two types, the golden key and the silver key. They can open treasure chests that store at the end of the stage. The battle takes place between the player and the Fortesque. They find a mysterious passage after the Fortesque disappears. In this final stage, players will carry out a decisive battle with the Chaos Engine. With the teammate’s help and a powerful gun, players will destroy Engin easily and complete the mission.

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