[Super Nintendo] The Death And Return Of Superman

The Death And Return Of Superman
Full nameThe Death And Return Of Superman
File size1.2MB
Genre Action
Region USA USA
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

The Death and Return of Superman’s content start to Clawster and the Underworlders unit attacking the capital. They managed the capital by controlling the city’s power grid. As a result, Superman appeared and fought the Underworlders to protect the city. After stopping the Clawster’s evil plan, Superman received information that the Justice League was fighting an alien monster (Doomsday), and they could not defeat. After that, Superman came to support the Union’s members, and a fierce battle occurred between Doomsday and Superman. At the end of the battle, Doomsday lost but Superman also suffered many dangerous wounds. In the end, he died from a serious injury.

Three months after Superman’s death, the world began to become chaotic as more criminal gangs became stronger. However, four new superheroes appeared, and they all claim to be Superman. Besides, the four new have a unique name come from their appearance, including Steel -Man of Steel, Eradicator – Last Son of Krypton, Cyborg Superman – Man of Tomorrow and Superboy – Metropolis Kid. Along with the original Superman, the game will bring five Superman to explore. Each will join the fight in many stages. They bring different tasks to complete.

The Death and Return of Superman includes many separate battle stages, and players can control a Superman at each stage. Also, the game requires you to participate in a battle in a certain order (quite similar to the comic). You can not choose any character to use. Instead, you have to fight constantly and complete quests to unlock new stages. Besides, the characters will have an energy bar at the top of the screen to display health. You can participate in combat in two different environments, both on the ground and in the air.

Instead of using Superman’s powers (laser eyes …), you have to fight the enemy with basic melee skills (punch, kick or knock the opponent). Depending on the appearance, they will have to approach the enemy with different styles. Players can perform punches, kicks successively on opponents. Or you can just grab and throw them away. In underground battles, players will have to fight bosses. However, the battle phase will have no boss, and you have to move skillfully to overcome obstacles. Note, the combat levels will be limited to the air challenges.

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