[Super Nintendo] Top Gear

Top Gear
Full nameTop Gear
File size300.6KB
Genre Racing , Sports
Region USA USA
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Top Gear is a racing video game for Super NES, adapted from a British reality TV series and officially produced and first published in 1992 by Gremlin Graphics in 1992. Entries The game’s goal is to become the fastest driver globally by racing other drivers across many countries.


You can adjust the difficulty of the game by making a selection. These are automatic, manual gear modes, or four different vehicle options. Each car is available with its strengths and weaknesses. The characteristics to compare cars are acceleration, speed, and fuel consumption. The larger and heavier the vehicles, the more powerful they will always be. And these cars seem to have the most powerful engines, but not necessarily the best choice for your game. The best options should be compact white cars and have the lowest fuel consumption.

All Top Gear game modes are split-screen. The computer will act as your primary adversary. Your mission is to race with the remaining s18 cars to reach the top 5 best people. Only then will you be able to get to the next round, and if you win a lot, you will have a chance to win lots of money and upgrade your car. Finally, when you pass the qualifiers, you will have the opportunity to participate in world championship competitions.

Graphics and sound

It has a relatively large difference between Top gear’s graphics and the games itself on other platforms. Specifically, the races are designed with too high angle corners. You will feel like sitting on the real Formula One racing tracks. Races can also occur during the day and at night, which is a relatively big difference and creates a fun and different experience for the player. The soundtrack is perfect, although very short, but extraordinarily haunting and easy to remember, like the soundtrack.

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