[Super Nintendo] Wizardry V – Heart Of The Maelstrom

Wizardry V – Heart Of The Maelstrom
Full nameWizardry V - Heart Of The Maelstrom
File size827.3KB
Genre Role Playing
Region USA USA
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

With the previous versions’ success, Sir-Tech Software continues to release Wizardry V: Heart of the Maelstrom in the Wizardry game series. This is an action game that received many positive reviews from critics and players. With unique storylines and beautiful images, the game gives players many new and interesting feelings in each mission.

The story

Human life was peaceful after Werdna had gone through many dangers to destroy enemies. However, an incident occurred when the city’s ultimate weapon decomposed into mysterious energies. It could kill people if they contacted. After that, Sorn, an evil witch, quickly collected and kept them in a cave. Then, he designed a trap to lead the heroes to the cave and rob their power. Gatekeeper began his journey to find G’bli Gedook, the weapon guard and regained energy together from the evil sorcerer. Besides, during the journey, Sorn sealed the Gatekeeper while traveling deep into the base. This made challenges more difficult.

The gameplay

In the game, the player begins the journey in a forest to rescue the Gatekeeper. Under Gedook’s instructions, they will move along the forest that there are few enemies and go into the center through a small cave. The player has a weapon, a long sword to destroy enemies. They collect many items to increase their physical strength after defeating the enemy. The obstacles disappear after two attacks from the player’s sword. When they reach the end of the cave, a boss appears and possesses the key that holds the Gatekeeper.

You will rescue Gatekeeper after the boss is defeated. In the next stages, the player controls the Gatekeeper with the Gedook’s help. He is taken to Sorn’s base by a special door at the end of the cave. Here, the Gatekeeper has to attack with many great enemies with his sword. They have great power and attack him with magic power. The Gatekeeper will move flexibly to escape and reach the final area. At the end of the game, Sorn has his weapons to start this dramatic battle. With his strength, Gatekeeper finds Sorn’s weakness after fighting. The energy in the ultimate weapon is collected, and the Gatekeeper seals like the original. The game ends when the Gatekeeper completely defeats Sorn’s dark forces and returns to Llylgamyn.

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