[Super Nintendo] WWF Raw

Full nameWWF Raw
File size2.3MB
Genre Sports
Region USA USA
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

WWF Raw for Super Nintendo was more or less a sequel to the decent WWF Royal Rumble game that had come out a few years earlier.


Simple! Walk up to your opponent, press a button to lock up, then press buttons like crazy to execute a move. The button you press affects which move you do. When their energy is low, you can perform your finisher, some which are done out of a grapple, others to an opponent who is on the ground, others off the top rope. The only problem is that in Tournament mode, the opponents you face near the end are nearly impossible to overpower. They will win almost every grapple and make it hard to do your finisher. You can still win easily enough, but beating an opponent by hitting a few dropkicks, knocking out the ref, and then choking your opponent into unconsciousness is not nearly as satisfying as finishing them off with a Jackknife Power Bomb or Razor’s Edge. There are also some ”Mega-Moves” in the game, like Shawn Michaels’ Super Dropkick and Yokozuna’s Cannonball. The moves do heavy damage but are unrealistic. Each Mega Move requires a complicated button press to perform and is not necessary to win a match.


The control for this game is not that hard to master. You can execute moves easily. However, some things could be improved, such as making it easier to throw your opponent during a tie-up. Otherwise, this game’s control is excellent, and you could master both simple moves and special moves alike easily.

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